I haven’t even started this post yet and already I feel like a giant hypocrite. Here I am about to impart a little knowledge to you and I realize…it’s 3 freaking 30 in the morning. Ain’t NOTHING routine about that. So, here is my disclaimer right up front: sometimes your routine goes to crap. Like mine is right now and like it CERTAINLY will be tomorrow. (Or rather, today.)

When I left my day job in advertising, I thought it would be easy peasy to get up at the same time, get showered and dressed, exercise, eat healthy, and be oh, so productive. I thought, “I’ll be in the best shape of my life and so blissfully creative all the time and I’m actually going to get bored because I will have all of this extra time on my hands.”

Uh, no.

First of all, things ALWAYS take longer than you think they will and there will always be interruptions to your day. (See aforementioned post citing my child’s diaper drama.) However, in spite of these things, I’ve found that if at all possible, it’s best to find a routine and stick with it as closely as possible. Notice I did not say schedule. A schedule involves very specific times…we start this at 9:30 and then whether or not we are finished, we start something else at 11. No way, Jose. It’s much harder to get things done that way. In my experience, a routine is, instead, saying “First, I will load the dishwasher. Then, I will answer my emails. Then I will take a shower, etc.” There is an order, but that order is not tied to any specific times. It gives you a little more wiggle room to actually check things off of your list.

So, while a routine can sound like something only your mom and her friends are into, I’m here to tell you that it’s cool to have a routine. And hey, it’s YOUR ROUTINE. Throw some things in there that you love. They will become little daily rituals that you look forward to. I know from experience that staying at home and working can get kinda mundane at times. Bottle, cereal, nap, email, work, diaper, lunch, repeat. Having those sunny moments in my routine make me really happy. And that’s usually when I break out my iPhone and do the Instagram thing. (Not going to lie, I take a ton of pictures of my baby. Because, let’s face it, babies are oh, so sunny.)

Aside from my baby, what is my favorite part of my routine? That’s easy. COFFEE. No, seriously. When I grind those beans and make my mini french press, it’s like a little vacation every day. And my absolute favorite part? Picking out my coffee mug. And it’s to the point where if my favorite mug is dirty, I will go hunt it down, wash it, and use it. Just to make sure that little moment is being enjoyed to it’s max. So what is my favorite mug OF ALL TIME??

I’m glad you asked.

Meet Laura Cooke.

I first met Laura when she was living in Portland, OR. Some friends and I stayed at her super cute bungalow while we were in town for a wedding. (My friends knew her. It wasn’t like I was said “Hey, I love your pottery, can I crash on your sofa?” So before you email her, I had an in.) She was getting ready to leave for a show in Jackson Hole and no lie, her house was LOADED with glorious pottery. I’m talking the most BEAUTIFUL glazes I have ever laid eyeballs on. I bought some from her then and there and carried it all on with me on the flight home. The best part is? She’s in Asheville now making her wonderful vessels and you can go to her studio and see for yourself. AAANDDDD, for all of you brides out there, she has a wedding registry for her work. HAND TO FOREHEAD, Y’ALL. If I renew my vows will someone PLEASE buy me everything she makes??

I mean, just look at this stuff!

plates and bowl soup bowl track mug slider whale2

I need that little whale cup in my life, yes I do. Check out the other items in her Etsy Shop.

And, because Laura is amazing, she is giving away the beautiful cup below to help me celebrate the launch this week! It’s very similar to my favorite mug. I love how it fits perfectly in your hand. You will too if you’re the lucky winner!


So how do you win this adorable cup? Okay. It’s easy. You’re not going to have to go through a million steps to enter this contest. All you have to do is:

1. Take a picture of your favorite part of your routine and post it to Instagram
2. Use the hashtags #misswyoleneisgivingawaytreats and #lookatmyhappyroutinemisswyolene

Seriously, that’s it! (I mean, it’s not required, but you could always leave a comment about how you love and adore the new site etc….And you could go show Laura Cooke some love, too…)
Today’s contest will close at midnight tonight, EST. I will randomly draw a winner based on your hashtags and will announce a winner by tagging you on Instagram tomorrow morning.

And it’s only Monday. There are FOUR WHOLE DAYS left of goodness coming your way. Happy Instagraming! And thank you for helping me celebrate, lovelies!