A big Thursday hello to you lovelies!

Once again, I am so delighted by all of the sweet words of encouragement you all have sent my way this week. I’m loving this new blog and every time I see it myself, I can’t believe this is where my thoughts/creations get to live. If you missed it earlier this week, I’m imparting a little bit of wisdom that I’ve gained in my two-ish years working on this business. There are so many things I’m still figuring out, but I do think I’ve tucked a few things away that I’m happy to share here.

I’ve looked forward to today’s “nugget” all week. Branding can be a huge, scary, sometimes expensive word. It means a commitment to yourself, to your clients, and to the people you hope become your clients. Even though there are elements of my brand that I am 100% certain of, (my logo is my grandmother’s signature so I mean, c’mon), there are others that are continuing to evolve as I learn more about how to exist in this space I’ve started to create for myself. One of those areas is my own personal style…and the energy to leave the house wearing something besides my Bridge Run tee from three years ago. I’ve realized the importance of imparting your brand all the time. What you wear and how you present yourself speaks VOLUMES about how seriously you take yourself and how much value you place on people you meet. For instance, if I wore a hoodie, lounge pants, and flip flops to a meeting with a potential bride? Chances are she’d go find someone else….IF she even made it past initial pleasantries. You want to instill confidence in others that you are who you say you are and that you are so confident in your work, that it shines into other areas of your life. And, like most of these nuggets, I do struggle with doing this ALL the time. ESPECIALLY with my little man in tow. Somedays, I’ll look up from my work, it’s 2pm, and I’m a complete mess. And I need to run to Publix to grab food for dinner. I would probably give myself a pass at that moment and pray to not run into anyone who might be in the market for custom wedding invitations. Gotta be honest, I’ve met potential clients at the post office, you guys. I was mailing out some Christmas cards and a girl saw my handwriting and asked for my card. I must have looked a bit disheveled because I never heard from her. I know, I know. Who KNOWS why I didn’t hear from her. (Who hires someone they meet at the post office? SOMEONE WITH PRETTY HANDWRITING, DARN IT….#pickme! #sadface.) In all seriousness, I had a two month old at home and probably wasn’t looking my best. Who knows if that little difference would have mattered to her or not. But whenever possible, it’s better to play it cute, right?

So, what’s Miss Wyolene’s style? It’s really just whatever I like (and honestly, most of that time that’s Anthro. When I can afford it. Usually when it goes on sale.) My taste is a bit all over the place, but I tell myself at least I know that. I love anything feminine with exaggerated elements. Giant, fluffy skirts. Warm pinks and reds. Lots of colors. Or no color. I’m not opposed to a big bow every now and then. But I also love clean lines and flattering cuts. I love prints. I love prints with florals. Florals and more florals. Prints on prints. Patterns and prints. Am I brave enough to wear that stuff out in Greenville? No. And I usually don’t spend money on risky items. I am practical in that if I’m going to drop big bucks on a piece of clothing or an accessory, it’d better be something with some longevity. I just can’t afford couture trends. Who can?? So you have to get creative to let your style shine on a limited budget. I went back through some of my Pinterst boards and tried to pick out items that best summarize what I would wear every day if I could.

And I have a treat for y’all today! My friend Christina Nicole is giving away some fabulous earrings to one special Miss Wyolene reader! Talk about a gal who knows her brand. EVERYTHING Christina does: her Instagram feed, her packaging, her marketing, her styling…it is all SO. HER. She and her husband Travis are such an awesome team and if you stalk them enough like I do, you’ll think they are out of a movie. Except that they’s really nice and legit.

I mean, how can you not love these bohemian chic products and images???!

IMG_0739 IMG_9533

Now, I know I’m not eligible for these pretties, but Miss Wyolene would wear the HECK out of these, just so you know!

How can you win them?

1. Post a picture on Instagram of your go-to wardrobe piece. It can be clothing, an accessory, whatever. What makes you feel most like YOU when you leave the house?
2. Tag @misswyolene and @christinanicolestudio in your post.
3. Use the hashtags: #misswyolenehasanewblog #todaysheshandingoutearcandy  and #ilookawesomeinthis

Winner will be announced her on the blog tomorrow morning as well as on Instagram. Open until 12am EST tonight.

Congratulations to @cmt1204 for winning the precious Xenia cake plate from yesterday’s contest!! Woohoo! 

Happy day to you, friends!