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New in the Shop • Hand-Lettered Valentine Card

Valentine-2 Valentine-single-1
I thought I’d share a little piece of my heart with you today.

At first glance, this is a Valentine card. But, it isn’t your typical hearts-and-cupids-and-nothing-but-bubble-gum-pink type of card. It’s bold and in your face- just like love ought to be.

I really dig how the design combines pattern, lettering, and florals: a trifecta of awesome, if you ask me. She’s printed on a fabulous pearl paper and comes with an equally fantastic gold envelope. That liner? To me, it just makes the entire thing.

Quite honestly, this might be one of the best examples of my overall vision for Miss Wyolene that I’ve produced to date. I want my work to pop. I want it to be unexpected. I want whoever the end recipient is to feel loved and treasured.

So, there’s more where this card came from. A lot more.

If you’d like to get your hands on this pretty, hop over to my shop. I’d love to wrap one up for you to send to your love.



Make Stuff | Giveaway Day #5 | Collection Sneak Peek

It has been SUCH an awesome week of celebration and beautifully made wares. Thank you all for helping to make it all so fun and special.

We’ve been talking about different “wisdom nuggets” that have helped shape my creative world and today, I wanna just keep it simple: MAKE STUFF.

That’s actually harder than it sounds. It’s tough to carve out time to work with our hands to make something right out of our own imaginations. But, for a maker, it is SO important to reserve time for this. Essentially, it’s free therapy. I was known for curing a break up or two with a lot of paint, (glitter of course), and sequins. (Yeah, I like shiny things.)

Maybe you’ve been wanting to start an Etsy shop. Maybe you went to a craft fair and were very inspired. Ask yourself this. If you had plenty of time and resources were not an issue, what would you be doing? That’s probably where your heart is. Can you draw from that energy? It’s Friday. Can you set an hour aside for yourself this weekend and get to making what’s in your heart to make? Who knows what will come from that intentional hour. Or maybe you don’t really have a creative bone in your body. I hear people say that sometimes. But you might surprise yourself. Try out a new recipe. Organize the junk drawer (I put mine on Instagram this week. Y’all, that’s bold.) Creativity doesn’t HAVE to been glitter or crafting. It’s finding new ways to problem solve.

I have been making things. A lot of things. And my ADD brain wants to jump on another project before I finish the first. I have to seriously commit to completing one thing before starting another. I’d like to share an example of something I’ve actually completed! It’s a fun debut to make. I’ve been hinting for awhile that I am designing my collection. And y’all probably think I’m full of it since you haven’t seen ANYTHING.

Well, (drumroll please) here is one of my first pieces!!! TA-DA!!!!

I LOVE IT. I love the colors, I love the gold envelope, I love the little rounded corners…LOVE this pattern. It reminds me of the sweet fabrics my mom used when she sewed for my sister and I. I also love its cheeriness and brightness: two traits that are absolute requirements as I go about designing this collection. Ledford was Miss Wyolene’s maiden name and I am digging how so much of my family’s heritage is influencing what I’m making these days. You’ll be seeing this pattern pop up in different places. I can’t wait to show you more!

But perhaps you don’t want to wait on the September debut. Maybe you’re saying “Gimme gimme I need I need.” (Bob Wiley? Anyone? Anyone?) Okay. Today, I’m going to hook one of you UP. Before you can even buy these notecards, I will give a set of 8 to not one, but TWO lucky readers! I’m mixing up the rules a bit today (because hey, we’re all learning as we go, right??) You can win either on Instagram OR here on the blog OR you can enter twice by doing both. (Sneaky sneaky, me!)

For Instagram Entries:
1. Post a picture of something you’ve made in the last week….it can be food, or a craft, or maybe you managed to make your bed. That counts.
2. Follow and tag @misswyolene in your post.
3. Use the hashtags: #misswyolenehasanewblog,  #shewantsmetosendmoresnailmail, #imadethis


For Blog Entries:
1. In the comments below, tell me what you’ve made in the past week. It can be anything!
2. Share the link to this post on a social media outlet, tagging @misswyolene (so that I can see it!) 

I will be accepting entries until midnight tonight, EST.

A HUGE thank you to Christina Nicole her giving away such gorgeous earrings yesterday. If you missed out and can’t get them out of your mind ((raises hand)) you can buy them here. And congrats to @heylaurenmckay for winning the contest from yesterday’s post

Happy Friday!



Sending Love

Here’s a bit of irony for you: the stationery designer who doesn’t send out much mail. For shame! Seriously, y’all. It hit me around the New Year that I have GOT to do more of that. My excuse has been lack of time, especially these days with a little guy in the picture. Another excuse has been lack of cute social stationery that I really felt was mine. It seemed weird to send out stationery that didn’t have the Miss Wyolene logo on the back. Again, lame excuse.

Out of those observations came two new goals. The first is to just friggin’ do it! Letters don’t have to be written in perfect essay format (have y’all READ my blog? It’s all over the place!) Better to send a slightly random note than no note at all. Having gone through some crazy things lately has only reminded me how cherished and rare words of love and encouragement are. I say, dish it out!

The second goal is to actually design stationery that I’d want to use. I know, novel idea, right? DUH! I want stationery that I’m excited to pull out and mail to my friends! And I want to know that the words AND the designs will make for treasured keepsakes. While wedding stationery is still a focus as I design my collection, social stationery is going to be a huge element that I’m SUPER excited about. I hate to be so vague: just know that it will be just as much fun to use as it will be for me to create. I’m actually starting to put pen to paper (literally) on this so hang with me for the next few months! I’ll keep you posted on it all.

The images above are my personal Valentines this year. (If you’re reading this, Liz, sorry to spoil your mailbox surprise!) Nothing like waiting until the very last minute for creative inspiration to hit you. It could also be a lack of planning on my part: racing to the post office today for love stamps, shooting this before it got dark, blogging it while my family is all asleep…this is how I operate these days!

If you haven’t made your Valentines yet, these cards were super simple: just a gold sticker from Etsy on some nice pink card stock. Send some love! Maybe a friend has gone out of their way to encourage you. Or maybe your mom watched your cute baby while you caught up on the latest issue of Real Simple. Gestures like this deserve to be recognized– do it!



Hello Again and Christmas Promotion


Well hey there! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? In my absence, we welcomed our little boy in to the world. (A little boy who currently appears to be hungry…Hang on, Little Buddy, this will just take a second!)

To celebrate my return and Miss Wyolene’s first full year of self-employment, I’m offering 25 free thank you cards to brides who secure their 2013 invitation spot by December 31, 2012! Trust me, these beauties will come in handy as the showers begin and the gifts start arriving. (Oh, being engaged is the best, isn’t it?)

If you are an interested bride, feel free to email me at or message me at my Etsy shop.

There’s so much more to come from me in the upcoming weeks. I have a new collection piece to show you and a few custom designs I’ve been working on for our little Baby Bennett! Plus, I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a GREAT year for Miss Wyolene and I cannot WAIT to share it all with you!