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The Sweetest 4th + Patriotic DIY

It may be the dog days of summer here in South Carolina, but that means the 4th of July is right around the corner. At our house, that means sticky watermelon seeds, lots of sweet tea, and of course, patriotic crafts! With the 4th a week away, it’s time to plan your own Independence Day Soirée!

Today on The Sweetest Occasion, (my go-to blog for all things festive and happy!), you can download two free patriotic printables. The first is a sheet of iron-on graphics for t-shirts, cloth napkins, clothes for the kiddos, whatever! The second is a thank you note to send to our armed forces. I love the idea of setting up a “note-writing station” at your party and asking guests to take a few minutes to thank a serviceman or woman. You can find both PDFs right here. Did I mention they are free and designed by yours truly?

all images via The Sweetest Occasion

And you can expect to much more where these came from! I am actually going to be contributing more designs to The Sweetest Occasion in the coming months! (Check out the About page…see? Legit.)


Make it Mysefff Monday | Valenteenies!

Happy Valentine week, friends! I haven’t had a  MIM post in an embarrassingly loooonnggg time. So I thought, what better way to start out love week?

Today, I’ll show you how to make Valenteenies! (Partially just because I think the name is the best part!) I love making these little guys for all sorts of things: cupcake toppers, card fluff, and (you’ll see at the end of the post) little garlands!

scrap paper (preferably yardstick weight)
small circle punch (I like 3/4″…extra ‘teeny!)
small heart punch
double sided tape
any additional punches for experimenting

Step 1:
Punch out your circles using the small heart punch and your scrap paper. Use varying colors and patterns to keep things interesting.

Step 2:
Select two circles and choose your ribbon.

 Step 3:
Place a small square of double sided tape on the back of one of the circles. Place one end of the ribbon onto the tape and cut it at the desired length. (I like about 3/4 of an inch.) Repeat until you have used all of the available space on the tape. Repeat this step, filling in the gaps on the second layer of tape.

Step 4:
Add one more piece of tape to the back of the other circle and stick the two circles back to back. Then, punch out two hearts from a different paper (I like metallic for a little punch!) and (once again) tape it to either circle. Voila!

Step 5:
If you like, you can string them together (Place on string before moving onto Step 4) and take them on a little photo shoot!

Happy Small Business Saturday…and coupon!

Hello dear readers! I hope that you are all recovering from your tryptophan-induced comas and getting out today to support small businesses!

I consider Miss Wyolene a small business. So much so, that I’m calling today Teeny Tiny Business Saturday. To say thank you for reading and hitting up the Twitter feed, please use the code MERRY2011 at my Etsy shop to get free domestic shipping from now until Dec. 24! While you’re there, take a look around at the other great sellers and see how much of your shopping you can knock out with handmade goodies! Happy Shopping!

I’m that girl

…Yep. I’m the girl who made a Christmas card before Thanksgiving. But don’t think of me as anti-Turkey Day.

Instead, think of it as us getting a jump on the holiday season– and knocking things out ahead of schedule!

Take these guys…(Seriously. Take them. Go to my Etsy shop and see for yourself.) I wanted to try a new technique in hand-lettering. I wrote everything out and had it made into a fancy stamp. Then I saw this bright paper and it was all over…ta da! Say goodbye to boring old cards…And hello to the brightness.