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Baby Merritt • Custom Baby Shower Invitation • Jackson, Wyoming

Happy August, y’all!

I guess it has been August for awhile, now, huh? We enjoyed a MUCH needed family vacation earlier this month and I have been busy diving FACE FIRST into designing my collection. So, lots of fun things going on behind the scenes around here! (You should see my office. It looks like I work in a wind tunnel. I’ll spare you. It’s not pretty.)

I do want to share a project that’s very near and dear to my heart but sadly, far away from my person. My dear friend Ashley and I are “friends from the womb.” I literally cannot remember a day not knowing her. She and her  husband live in Wyoming-amongst the moose and the buffalo- and are expecting their first baby later this fall. While I couldn’t be more thrilled for my friends, I am a little peeved that between the two of them, they couldn’t come up with a private jet to zip me out to her shower. Geez, folks, I mean, what’s the deal?

Since I couldn’t be there in person, another lifelong friend (yep, Wyoming stole her away, too), graciously agreed to let me design the invitation. Never have I ever tackled a piece with this much lettering, but I think the end result is totally worth it. I think it perfectly reflects Ashley’s friendly, approachable and fun personality.


I have space for about 10 custom projects a year and am currently accepting wedding, shower, and baby projects for 2014. Hop on up to the contact tab and shoot me an email if you’d like some more info!

And seriously, if anyone has a plane I could use later this month, I’ll go halfsies on the fuel!



Sweet and Sour • Lemonade Stand DIY

Photos courtesy of The Sweetest Occasion

Its getting to be that time of year when I start to crave fall. (And all of you pinning homemade pumpkin spice lattes on your recipe boards is not helping!) However, one thing that has been so refreshing to my pregnant self this summer has been lemonade. And I’m just not sure I’m quite ready to let that go just yet! (And, just for giggles, I personally love the Trader Joe’s house brand of lemonade. It is YUMMY.)

In celebration of this delightful beverage, the Sweetest Occasion and I have teamed up again to bring you some super fun lemonade stand printables! Yep, DIY all the way. Designed by yours truly and styled/photographed by the ever fabulous Cyd (the brains and creative force behind the Sweetest Occasion), these pieces are here just in time for a weekend toast to summertime! Head over and get your hands on this lemony goodness! And as always, thanks, Cyd!!


New in the shop • Meet Mizelle

Nice to meet you, Miss Mizelle. (Its a real name, I promise. Though, one we aren’t considering for the baby.) Pronounced muh-zelle,  she is the newest member of the Miss Wyolene Wedding and Party Collection. Inspired by a sunny afternoon garden party, this suite is collaged and hand lettered by yours truly. You can order yours in my Etsy shop, and as always, custom quotes are available.

The National Stationery show has lit a fire under my behind and let me tell you, even though it’s about to get crazy busy around here, it is my goal to keep you posted. We have some house renovations coming up, of course the ever growing baby that makes me hungry and crabby for no apparent reason, and a few really exciting surprises this summer that I will surely let you in on as soon as I can. (Hint: we find out next week whether or not Baby Young is a he or a she…SO excited.)


Happy Small Business Saturday…and coupon!

Hello dear readers! I hope that you are all recovering from your tryptophan-induced comas and getting out today to support small businesses!

I consider Miss Wyolene a small business. So much so, that I’m calling today Teeny Tiny Business Saturday. To say thank you for reading and hitting up the Twitter feed, please use the code MERRY2011 at my Etsy shop to get free domestic shipping from now until Dec. 24! While you’re there, take a look around at the other great sellers and see how much of your shopping you can knock out with handmade goodies! Happy Shopping!