Hi there! My name is Morgan. I’m a South Carolina gal with a super cute hubby and a super cute baby.
Aaaaaand I kinda have a thing for pretty paper.

Okay, it’s more than a thing. It’s kind of an obsession. A blow-your-credit-card-balance-on-wrapping-paper, find-any-reason-to-buy-forever-stamps, “but-this-stationery-is-too-pretty-to-mail-so-I’ll-just-hoard-it” kind of obsession.

Yeah, I’ve got it bad.

But it isn’t entirely my fault. I come by it honestly. You see, I have to kind of blame my Grandmother for my issues. She’s the reason I get sweaty palms if my post-Christmas thank you cards don’t get out before February. And it’s because of her ability to always (and I mean always) send notes out (I’m saying, an overachieving electrician will get a timely thank you note) that proper correspondence is part of who I am. My earliest memory of writing with her is when I was four. Growing up,we were pen pals. Even though she is an organized lady who hates clutter, she has kept EVERY letter I’ve ever sent her. And I’ve done the same.

So, you see, she started it.

At first, it wasn’t so obvious. Growing up, I made a cards here and there with whatever art supplies I had lying around….mostly, a TON of glitter. (Don’t hate. I still love a good vat of glitter.) And I admit, friends’ lockers were subject to handmade love letters from yours truly, though, they were signed “your favorite Hansen brother.” (I told you…it was bad.) My crafty habits continued into college. While working on a marketing and PR degree from Gardner Webb University, I got my first taste of layout software (Quark for you nerdy nerds out there) and I was HOOKED. (Which, if you’ve ever experienced Quark circa early 2000s, you KNOW I must be telling the truth.) It was during my time at the University of South Carolina while earning a Masters degree in New Media (with a graphic design focus) that I fell in love with typography and began what has become an unhealthy affair with my scanner. During my 5 years in the advertising world (in graphic design and art direction), I began designing wedding invitations for friends.

It wasn’t long before my obsession was taking over my every waking thought. I wanted to build something out of it.

So I quit my job. I jumped in feet first to this HUGE adventure.

I gave this habit of mine a name and a tax ID number. And what better name than the sweet lady who started it all? (She still loves that she can Google her name and my little business pops up.) She tells her friends she’s famous. No one argues with Miss Wyolene. When I think about my business in the context of her legacy, I realize it isn’t really an obsession as much as it is a calling.

And it’s not because I’m Southern (although that is a part of it), or because I want people to think I’m nice and “on top of things” (believe me, hang around my blog or Instagram feed for half a second and you’ll agree, its DEFINITELY not because I’m on top of things). It’s because from a young age, it’s been instilled in me that I’m to do something meant for good. I’ve been called to share God’s love with this fallen and heartbroken world. Will a card fix the world? No. But I’m of the belief that we should all try, in our own little ways, to make the world better. Maybe a handwritten note on thoughtfully designed paper will change the course of someone’s day. Maybe a beautiful wedding invitation will make a bride feel celebrated and special. We all have to start somewhere. I choose here.