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Let’s Try That Again

You guys should know that this is the second draft of a blog post I started last night. Or rather, this morning. At 2am. Seriously. The house was quiet. The baby had no immediate need of me. And while all the books tell you to “sleep when he sleeps,” unfortunately, those books offer no advice for those of us whose creative juices only kick in after 11pm. (Why, Lord, why?)

I really wanted to show you all a custom piece I had designed for a client this past fall. (I know, I know, FALL was a while back. I had a baby. Give me a break.) But the words were forced and I wasn’t feeling it. Perhaps I don’t do my best writing in the wee morning hours. Sketching, maybe. (If I can still figure out what it is the next day.) Instead, I got up from my computer without hitting “publish” and hopped in the shower. (I do my best thinking in the shower.) I mentally surveyed the scene: everyone is quiet. It’s late. I’ve stayed up WAY past everyone else. I didn’t publish the blog post. What in the WORLD do I have to show for this sacrifice of sleep? I’d love to say I finished my collection and TA DA here it is–> PUBLISH!

And the crowd goes wild!!

Not so much.

So then those toxic thoughts start. Maybe they never really leave.

“You just wasted a ton of time.”

“You’re going to be worthless tomorrow for your family.”

“You really aren’t inspired.”

“You need to hurry up and design something because someone else will do it if you don’t.”

The results? Panic. Self-doubt. Worthlessness.

And you know? As I write this, and as I see it on the screen in front of me, I KNOW that’s not the Lord telling me those things. Creativity is from Him, the Creator.

So what do I do? I can’t control when the creative juices are going to hit. Probably not at the perfect intersection of B’s naptime, a clean house, crock pot crocking bliss, and a new InDesign document just awaiting a colorful life. Nope.

I ask again, what do I do? Maybe this is more of a prayer. Because I’m just telling y’all my struggle here. I have no idea.

Lord, you give us creative desires, because you are the source of creativity. You give us good gifts. Please forgive me when I try and control my time, when I panic. When I assume that one little bump on the radar means I’m doomed to fail. Forgive me for believing the lies. Always believing the lies instead of your truth. Show me where to focus my depleted energy- and fill me up to do Your good work. Thank you for creating colors and flowers and people and weddings and everything else that is beautiful. Amen.




Spaces and Inspiration

Hi peeps!

I know it seems like I’ve been neglecting the ol’ blog here for a bit and frankly, after mama time and client responsibilities, these days, all of my extra energy is going into designing my collection. (As evidenced by the piles of laundry in my house right now.) So I’m admitting to you guys, blogging hasn’t been my tip top priority. I’m realizing, however, that blogging does create a sense of accountability. I also think it’s important to show snippets of my process. It has always helped me to see what others do to transcend creativity and actually FINISH projects. So perhaps this is an exercise in telling myself “You can DO this! Go go go! (You have to, remember? You told everyone you were going to.” (Oh, right.)¬†So, today, I wanted to give you a peek into a corner of my little design world.

My office, like everything else, is a work in progress. (While I could show you the whole thing, you probably don’t want to see the stacks of boxes, magazines, old work, tissue paper, etc. that is taking over everything beyond the lens’ reach.) I just REALLY needed one clean (ish) surface to be able to leave and come back to quickly.


I LOVE my tall bistro table (desk) from Ikea. Something about sitting up higher, I dunno. It just works for me and my doodling and designing. I must point out my awesome graduated wire basket from my friend Barb. She has the coolest stuff in her shop and it makes me happy to have this little guy help keep all of my pens, markers, rulers, and tape in one place.


I had high hopes of making my wall one GIANT bulletin board. I’m sure there’s a way to do it (and if you know how, please leave a comment below!) but I realized I could spend weeks figuring out how to make one ORRRRR I could just tape everything right to the wall and call it a day. So I did. I’ve had some of these pages for years and have always waited for how to use them. I’m so excited that they are FINALLY starting to make sense in my mind and it’s so cool to see how they are all working together.


Quite possibly my favorite inspiration pieces are my great Grandmother Ledford’s vintage greeting cards. They are SO beautiful and happy. My Grandmother (the real Miss Wyolene) ¬†loaned me a box of all of her mother’s greeting cards. I picked three out just to keep in front of me always. This heritage of writing cards and encouraging friends goes back a long way. I hope I can honor that with my work.

Alright, back to it! Happy Thursday!