May 2012 Archive

New in the shop • Have a Lovely Birthday Card

Confession time. I am forever scraping the bottom of my card files for a good birthday card. And, c’mon people, I am a STATIONERY DESIGNER. I need to do better.

Introducing the second piece of Miss Wyolene’s collection: a birthday card that ALMOST negates the need for a present. As always, collaged by yours truly, printed on my favorite pearlized stock, and hand embellished with darling gold leaves: all in hopes that those special friends will have the loveliest birthday ever!

You can find them here!

Fresh Design • Thank You Sweetly

Well, it’s been a wild week and it feels like its been FOREVER since I’ve shown you all something NEW! Well, this is the first of several designs I’ll be unveiling in the next week or so.

I’m super excited about this first one for several reasons. First, it is the official premier piece of Miss Wyolene’s collection! That’s right- I’m narrowing down my favorite styles and looks and polishing it all into a cohesive collection that hopefully conveys my personal look and direction for this whole thing! Secondly, the real Miss Wyolene always signs her notes this way, and I just wish you could hear her say it. (You can practice with an old-school Southern accent.) Such a beautiful card seemed like a fitting tribute to her lovely manners and kindness.

These cards are sold individually and are available on my Etsy site and (exciting drumroll, please) at this amazing, adorable shop in Asheville, NC.


Perhaps you are wondering where the HECK I’ve been lately. Well, I’ll tell ya….

Photo by my fabulous friend Lucy Zieger

Yep, growing a little human. This little buddy (gender yet to be determined) has made his/her mom feel like POOP, and will be grounded upon arrival at the end of October. Seriously though, I have found myself slowed down a little bit the past few months, but I do think I’m coming out to of the worst of it. Oh, the list of Miss Wyolene things I need to accomplish before little friend gets here!! It’s nuts.

So thank you for your patience, and I promise there are LOTS of fun things rolling out very soon.