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Aunt Dot • South Carolina Wedding Invitation Designer

She’s kinda like a strawberry sorbet in the summah-time. Or your favorite carnival ride. Or your go-to sundress. Refreshing, fun, cheerful: a party’s big hit.

Colorful, found papers sewn right smack dab onto the paper? Oh yes I did. I try to give all of my wedding stationary a little something outside of what folks normally expect, and this lovely lady is the perfect example of that.

Great not only for weddings, but birth announcements, bachelorette weekends, shower invitations or even a weekend soiree!

You can find her right here in Miss Wyolene’s Etsy shop. Or shoot me an email for your own custom colors, papers, sizes, etc!

Home Again from the Big City!

ATL was HOT! Quite literally….a scorching 92 degrees this weekend for the Wedding Day Hooray, which was all-a-burnin’ with love. (Thank goodness the King of Pops was there to cool everyone down with his majestic and delicious popsicles!)

I think I may have found some true kindred spirits and oh my goodness, to go back and have a wedding all over again.

Here are some pictures from the day!

Definitely my favorite part of the entire weekend was meeting some AHHH-MAZING fellow craft-lovers! Here are a few shots of A Darling Day‘s booth…Jessica might be my new CBFF (Crafty Best Friend Forever.)

My only regret is not taking more pictures of all of the fantastic work that was showcased. I will have to remember to do that next time! We had such fun booth neighbors! Miss Mamie, Limon Verde, and Tin Can Photography. I did get the chance to explore a little bit and am just obsessed with Concrete Lace, and Home.Ade from Athens, (black-eyed pea salsa? Are you kidding me? Yes, I will eat all of your samples), Not Made in China, and one of my new favorite “Chatty” gals, Ivey Handcrafted.

Seriously, I think I have found my people. Check ‘em out!

Thank you sweetly • SC stationery designer

Your husband cooked and did the dishes.
Your hairdresser didn’t charge you for a much-needed eyebrow wax (yikes!)
Your coworker stayed late so you didn’t have to.
Your favorite barista threw in an extra shot of espresso to your already ridiculous coffee order.

So many situations call for a thank you. Most of us say it right on the spot. But how much more meaningful when that awesome person gets a handwritten note from you, the person with no time to cook, an ever-growing unibrow, an appointment right at 5:00pm, and serious dark-circles under your eyes?

My grandmother, the real Miss Wyolene, has always stressed to me the importance of conveying thanks: when I receive a gift, when someone goes out of their way to do me a favor, and especially for folks extending everyday kindnesses. It only made sense that the very first line of greeting cards I created for the brand that bears her name be a set of thank you notes.

Find these sweet notes at the Wedding Day Hooray this weekend in Atlanta and afterwards, on Etsy.

And thank you for reading!