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South Carolina Wedding Invitation Designer • Bridesmaid Invites!

Even if your friend already has 27+ dresses in that very special closet at the end of the hall, I doubt anyone would say no to these sweet invites!

I made these little ladies for a very special Charleston bride who wanted something unique and special to send to her girls. I knew we were on the same page when I asked her if we could nix the traditional, white envelopes and instead, use pages from a wedding floral design magazine and she was like “uuhhh, YES PLEASE!”

Each dress was hand collaged by yours truly from teeny little pictures and then perfected digitally. I’m diggin how each one is different and beautiful …just like each of the friends a gal has in her life!

SC logo designer • Larsen Family Dentistry

Do you have bad breath?

Are you in need of your annual fluoride treatment?

Are you headed to Wyoming anytime soon?

If you’ve answered “Yes! (How does she know?)” to more than one of the above questions, then you need to make Larsen Family Dentistry a part of your oral
hygiene routine.

Lucky for me, the fine folks at the office decided to outsource the design of
their brand new logo all the way to SC….

Here she is in all of her cavity-free glory!


I dabble.

Remember that photography class I was taking with the freakishly talented Sharon Clark of Smitten? Well, now that I actually know what the heck I’m doing with my SLR camera…I may have found a new hobby. It fits right in with my love for all things wedding…all things pretty…all things happy…

This is my sister-in-law Katie, and her freshly engaged sefff with fiancée Scott. They were kind enough to let me shoot them just off the Appalachian Trail in NC over the weekend. We got some great shots, but it helps that Katie and Scott are seriously one of the most fun couples of all time.

And they were troopers ’cause it was FUH-REEZING on top of this bald mountain.