January 2011 Archive

SC Stationery Designer • glammin’ up the Valentine

So excited about these! I wanted to have something a little different, a little luxe, and a little flashy to offer this Valentine’s Day! I’m thinking of using several on a garland over our white fireplace.

Hop on over to Miss Wyolene’s Etsy shop to get yours!

Upstate Stationery Designer • Valentine Inspiration

I’ve become one of those people I used to roll my eyes at. (No, I do not have a Snooki poof.) I am, however, already thinking about Valentine’s Day. We only just managed to get Christmas packed away last week and already I find myself inspired for my next crafty venture: some fun Valentine decorations, cards, and maybe a few other surprises!

For now, I’ll leave you all curious with a picture of my color scheme inspiration!

In other exciting news, I took this picture as part of my goal to take better product shots. First step? Take photography class from the amazing Sharon Clark of Smitten! It’s only the first week and I’m already so excited about what I’ve learned. Stay tuned for all this and more….eeep!!